Course fees

2 day course: £180, includes logbook, MIAS registration, and certificate.  The two day course is suitable for experienced mountain bikers.  The first day comprises of a training day and the second is an assessment day.

3 day course: £230, as per the 2 day course with the addition of a days’ skills tuition.  Skills day runs prior to starting the main MIAS course for riders who may be less experienced.

Full details of the award can be found here.

A list of personal skill requirements can be found here.

Course syllabus

Group management & Communication

Leader responsibilities

Navigation & Route planning

Access & Conservation

Risk assessments

Equipment checks

Personal equipment

Group equipment

Riding skills

Trailside repairs


Course dates

Dates for 2018

10th & 11th February

2nd & 3rd June

27th & 28th October


Additional courses can be arranged with four or more candidates, please contact us for details.

Timings, Venue & Accommodation

Day 1 – 09:00 – 18:30

Day 2 – 09:00 – 17:00

Candidates will meet at the Lulworth Visitor Centre (BH20 5RQ) on the first day.

Accommodation can be provided at additional cost – please Contact Us for details


During assessment you will need to lead your group along a set route whilst demonstrating all the traits of a good leader.  On your section you will be asked to coach one of the skills outlined in the SKILLS MATRIX.  You will demonstrate competency in basic trailside repairs.  Your fitness should be such that you are comfortably able to ride 30km off-road at a moderate speed.

The level 1 & 2 courses are run over the same two day period.  The instructor and candidate will decide on the training day which level the candidate will be assessed at.

Level 1 is for individuals wishing to lead in non-technical terrain (canal paths, disused railway lines, forest tracks, etc…).

Level 2 is for those wishing to lead groups across technical terrain (roots/rocks/drops etc…).