Guided Rides


Own bike (3 hours) – £25pp

Own bike (6 hours) – £45pp

With hire bike (3 hours) – £45pp

With hire bike (6 hours) – £70pp

*Discounts are available for group bookings

**Minimum age of 11 years old

Helmets are mandatory and must be within the original manufacturer’s warranty period.  Helmets are supplied with hire bikes.  You will also need fully closed shoes which are secure on foot.

Persons under 16 years are required to wear gloves and eye protection (both can be supplied with a refundable deposit of £5 per set).  Participants aged 16 years or over may choose whether or not to wear these two items.

Routes for our guided rides are between 15km – 50km, depending on group requirements.  Please note, we will always travel at the slowest person’s pace and they must never be rushed!

If you require a guide for anything outside of the Lulworth Estate (as seen in image below) please get in touch and we will try to accommodate your requirements.  As a direction on pricing, please use the costs above, plus 40p per mile from West Lulworth to your chosen location.  If your location is more than three hours away please consider food and accommodation costs for instructors.

Lulworth Estate

(Credit: Bing Maps)